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We now offer a comprehensive Online Clinical Telemetry Course for 11.0 contact hours!

Title:  UnderstandingEKG Online Clinical Telemetry Course   ONA ID# 17161

Author:  Melissa L. Campagna, RN, BSN

Purpose of this course:  To provide licensed healthcare professionals with information regarding how to interpret EKG readings and care for telemetry patients in a clinical setting.

Who is this course for?  This course is designed for all licensed healthcare professionals with a focus on those working in areas with telemetry-monitored patients such as ICU, surgery, special procedures, endoscopy, interventional radiology, and basic telemetry hospital units.

Learning objectives:

Describe the normal cardiac anatomy and physiology of cardiac conduction.
Identify cardiac medication classes and their uses.
Identify basic normal EKG waveform morphology and be able to measure and analyze each wave and segment.
Describe the distinguishing features of, clinical picture of, and associated treatments for each basic dysrhythmia.


Author Melissa Campagna, planner Vincent Campagna, and content expert Patricia Hyland have disclosed no relevant financial relationship with any product manufacturer or service provider mentioned.

Expiration date:  This 11 Contact Hour course must be completed by May 17, 2016.

Criteria for successful completion of this course:  Submission of payment, a completed post-test with a passing grade of 80% or higher, and a completed evaluation form.