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Sinus Rhythms

Caused when the sinus node fails to generate an electrical impulse to stimulate the heart to beat. Many times both…

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Atrial Rhythms

These are rhythms that originate somewhere in the atria other than the SA node. Causes include loss of SA node…

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Junctional Rhythms and SVT

Conduction works differently with junctional rhythms. The impulse comes from the AV node which is anatomically in the middle of…

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Atrioventricular Blocks

These conditions do not come from the AV node. They are a result of an impulse from somewhere above the…

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Ventricular Rhythms

There are ectopies and escape rhythms. Ectopies arise from an irritable focus in the ventricles.

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Paced Rhythms

Pacemakers can be temporary or permanent. Temporary are used in emergencies and usually used only a few days at most.…

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Practice Strips on All Rhythms

Time for practice rhythm strips on all rhythms. Please refer to "Answers to Practice Rhythm Strips" category for answer key

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Answers to Practice Strips

Answers to Practice Strips . How to Read, Measure, and Interpret,Sinus Rhythms ,Atrial Rhythms ,Junctional Rhythms and SVT …

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Clinical Telemetry Exam

An arrhythmia characterized by cycles in which the PR interval progressively lengthens until a QRS complex is dropped is…

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Course Evaluation Form

The purpose of this form is to provide you with an opportunity to provide feedback on the course that you…

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Allen, D., Bekken, & N., Crisfulla, K., et al. (2011) ECG Interpretation Made Incredibly Easy (5th ed.). Philadelphia,…

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